Cockle Processing / Cooking in the Factory

On arrival at our factory, the raw cockles are tipped into a hopper to which a conveyor belt is attached leading directly into the factory. Once inside the factory, the cockle processing begins. Firstly the cockles are boiled for four minutes enabling the shells to open to release the meat.

The meat and shells then fall onto a conveyor belt which puts them into a shaker to separate the shells from the meat. The shells move along a conveyor out the back of the factory into a trailer, where they are recycled.

The cockle meat moves through a bubbler which pumps air into the water to help separate any sand and grit out of the cockle.  Following this, the cockles move through a cooling brine tank, which contains a strong salt solution which separates the cockle meat from any small parts of shell remaining.

The cockle meat goes through a cooling bubble tank to bring the meat down to a safe temperature and final rinse of any residual sand before being graded by size into buckets.

The cockle meat is then packed according to our customer’s requirements either fresh or frozen.