We source a large selection of ready to eat shellfish including north Atlantic prawns, Mediterranean and king prawns, brown shrimps, potted shrimps, crayfish, oysters, mussels, whelks, winkles, lobster and whole and dressed crab.

For our wet fish and shellfish, we source from reputable suppliers in the UK and further afield. We have a massive selection of raw shell on and peeled prawns, squid, live lobster, live crab, palourde clams, razor clams, live mussels, scallops, langoustines, king crab and snow crabs. Please contact us for any shellfish requirements, and we will do our best to source this for you.

Wherever possible, we try to source local seafood. We use a local supplier of oysters – from Maldon, and of course, we fish our own cockles and whelks from the Thames Estuary.

We also make seafood platters to individual requirements which we supply to local businesses and direct to the consumer. These are popular for weddings, birthdays and entertaining friends and family who perhaps want to try a little of everything.

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Traditionally sold with winkles and whelks, cockles have been a popular British seaside snack for many years.



We source a wide selection of shellfish including north Atlantic prawns, brown shrimps, potted shrimps



Oysters are delicious served on their own, or with lemon and tabasco or a shallot vinegar.


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