The Boats

The Osborne Family operates three fishing vessels – the Renown, Boy Lukie and the Mary Amelia.

The Renown (LO88), which was commissioned in 1991, was the main cockle boat for the business until 2015, but is now used to fish whelks from the Thames Estuary in the winter months.  The boat has followed in the footsteps of the previous Renown boats owned by the family, but this one was the first steel hulled boat built for them by Newbury Engineering in Newhaven.  You can read more about the old boats in The Family section of our website.

The Boy Lukie (LO89) was built in 2006 by the same boat builders.  This boat was originally commissioned to shrimp fish.  However, since then, it has had a major refit and has been used to fish mussel seed and shrimps in the Wash, near to King’s Lynn. It is now back in Leigh-on-Sea.

The most recent edition to the fleet is the Mary Amelia (LO86) , which was commissioned in 2008 as a cockle boat.  The boat is used as the main cockle boat in the Thames for us. Unlike the Renown, the wheelhouse for the Mary Amelia sits at the back of the boat, giving a view over the hold and all the equipment whilst it is being used.