Brown Shrimp

During the shrimp season, our boats fish for shrimp.  A trip can last anywhere from just one tide to a maximum of four depending on the harvest time and weather conditions.

Brown shrimps (Crangon crangon) are traditionally fished along the sandbanks of the Wash Bay and as far afield as the offshore sandbanks along the Norfolk coast.  The shrimp migrate between the two areas as temperatures rise and fall.

Shrimps have two breeding periods – early spring and early autumn. From the spawn being released it takes just 6 weeks to become of commercial value. Generally, the fishery is usually better at night as shrimps have many predators so they bury themselves in the sand during daylight hours and come out and feed at night.

Our boat uses two nets which are opened by a beam and supported by two sledges which we pull over the flat sand banks. The pulling of the nets lasts around one hour and then they are hauled to the surface and the catch brought aboard.  We keep this to a minimum in order to catch the highest quality and also to minimise small shrimp getting caught in the nets.

Once the nets are emptied and cleaned, the shrimps are graded so that any small undersized ones are returned to sea keeping survival rates as high as 95%, leaving the sizeable shrimp ready for the next step.

The shrimps are boiled onboard in order to remain fresh. This is also where the colour change takes place from the green colour in its raw state to the golden brown one from boiling.

Finally the last part a final search through for any stray shellfish and then the brown shrimps are placed into 15kg boxes into the temperature controlled hold which is set at 2°C.

This whole process is mechanical and automated which in return guarantees quality of our product.

The fishing vessels then returns to port and unloads its catch to sell onto our customers.