Our Native and Rock Oysters are sourced locally from Maldon Oyster Company.

They gather daily from their oyster beds and are transported to their purification and packing plant.

Here they are washed and purified in modern temperature controlled tanks, which achieve optimum purification for a minimum of 42 hours to eliminate norovirus during the purification process.

The oysters are then graded into sizes ready for packing and dispatch, followed by delivery in refrigerated vehicles to maintain quality and condition.

Native Oysters
Native oysters have a more delicate flavour than Rock (Gigas) oysters. They are flat and round in shape.  The meat is firm and quite salty with a slight metallic taste.

Rock Oysters
The rock oyster is as the name suggests and looks like a rock shape. The rock oyster is much more resilient to extreme weather conditions and spawns more frequently too.  Rock oysters are saltier but their meat is very plump.

The rock is available all year round whereas the native oyster can be bought from September through to the end of April.

Oysters are delicious served on their own, or with lemon and tabasco or a shallot vinegar.