Osborne’s open new Fishmonger & Seafood School

We are so excited to announce that our second fishmongers has opened in Leigh, at 44 Elm Road. Featuring a traditional fishmongers and a brand new concept Seafood School to the rear, where people can come and learn how to fillet, prepare and cook seafood. We are offering a range of ready to eat seafood, including poke bowls, smoked salmon, pates, prawns, and of course cockles. Our 'At Home' range is also available in the shop.

Whilst renovating the building, we felt it was very important to bring touches of local history to the building. The wooden boards that you see in our shop are reclaimed hardwood boards from Southend Pier - which of course, have their own story to tell. You will notice the sign to the rear of the shop - G Fuller - Fishmongers and Poulterers. This was the original shop signage that we found hidden behind the old shop sign of V Mattacks. We have not tried to touch up the sign as it is beautifully sign written by hand and in remarkable condition considering its age of roughly 60 years!

The brick slips you see around the top edge of the shop are original London Stock bricks which we sourced locally from a building renovation.


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